Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Finished in the nick of time

J-bird's first birthday is fast approaching (Friday) and her party is on Saturday.  I have had her outfit planned for a good while now, but it is just slow going some times around here with any of my crafting, sewing or otherwise.  This morning I decided I had to nail the outfit, because I still have to clean house and bake a cake and cupcakes, etc., in preparation.  I just made my #1 shirt using the Silhouette appliques I made in the previous post, and I made a twirly girl skirt from the book, Little Girls Big Style  I just downsized the 2T pattern size down a half inch to get the size I needed and left off the bottom tier to make it shorter for easier crawling in the floor birthday play time. :)  This is what I got...

Not a great upclose pic of the shirt, but you get the idea.

The shirt itself must've been made for giant babies, though because it is a little too long for my taste even for my tall skinny little monkey.  If I have time I will be hemming it despite the fact that I really despise hemming jersey cotton!

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