Thursday, May 24, 2012

Grillin' with the fam

My little J-bird's party is in T-minus one day now, so today was all about the clean.  Five people can really go through some laundry!  Folding, and folding, and folding seems neverending, especially when you are on a time limit.  Someone tell me why having the in-laws over two days before a birthday party was a good idea? It all turned out okay, though.  Two minutes after my niece and nephew hit the door my semi-straightened house was a war zone of toys again, so the kids had fun.  We all went outside after dinner, and it gave me a chance to play with Instagram some more since my niece and nephew are so darn cute and the weather was nice.

The kids picked some of my hubby's flowers.  Don't tell him.  He loves working in his little "garden."

And finally, the joys of having sons.....

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