Sunday, June 17, 2012

Toes in the Water, Toes in the Sand

Hello from sunny Orange Beach!  Thought today since I am on vacation and have nothing crafty to share with you that I would send a little Instagram Post Card to all my virtual buddies out there.

Just in case you were wondering the nail polish underneath all that sand is "Flashy Fuschia." 

Lots of wind today, so the surf was up, and lots of seaweed left from all the storms in the gulf last week.  The kids had a blast, though, because it made the fishing easier apparently.

Having boys is very educational sometimes.  I now know what a Gulf Pipe Fish is for example.  Look those up.  They are rather interesting... like a straightened out seahorse.

Check out the size of the crab they caught with just those little nets!  Very cool little fella. 

More to come.....

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