Sunday, May 20, 2012


It seems like it takes so long for the weekends to get here, and then we blink and they are over already.  When the weather gets warm out our schedule fills up, and it's ball parks, and birthday parties, and festivals.  Anyway, always something going on.  The weekend started out pretty normal for us here with a t-ball game bright and early Saturday morning.

Here is my little hard hitter.  Look at that stance.  He is in the zone!

Today, of course, we had church, and afterwards dinner with family and friends.  We went to eat at a local barbecue restaurant, and in the parking lot was an old Chevy truck that was beautifully restored right down to the white wall tires.  Classic.  The first thing the kids said when they saw it, "Look, Mom!  It's Tow Mater!"  I just love them. :)

The total of my crafting time this weekend you say?  Well, this afternoon I got out the box with my Silhouette Cameo in it.  I received this for Christmas and have wanted it for quite some time, but here it still sat in the box.... 5 months..... but today?  Today the box got opened!  It is now sitting on the kitchen table.  I have installed the software on my computer, and now I just have to learn to use it!  That my friends is on my agenda for tomorrow!

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