Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Playing catch up!

Wow, so much has happened since I last posted.  I thought it was time I get back on top of this blogging thing.  I have had a serious lapse and during the span of a year plus some I had a new baby myself.... who will actually be celebrating her first birthday in about a week.  Time flies so fast with kids, and they don't stay little long enough, so enjoy it while you can I say!  I have been doing so much more sewing since having my first daughter.  It is way too tempting with all the cute little dresses and ruffles upon ruffles.  Today I took the time to cut out the bloomer pattern from which has one of the best bloomer tutorials I have seen, and it is FREE... my favorite kind.

This is what they look like right now.  I will be adding ruffles to the bum on mine thus the strips of fabric on top, because birthday bloomers need all the bells and whistles!

I took an old sheet with a lovely polka dot pattern and cut into it for these.  I think they will make the perfect addition to her birthday party clothing ensemble.  I'll post pics of the rest of J-bird's first birthday attire when it is complete.

Also, in other nonrelated news I got an iPhone, my first smartphone, and I must say where has this thing been all my life!  So easy to work and I can get a decent pic of all the cute things my kids do when my camera isn't on hand.  I feel like I have finally stepped into the 21st century!  I happened upon a great app the other day which is also FREE called Instagram.  Have you tried this?  It can help you transform your pictures using filters, so they become art!  Below are a couple I have gotten lately... Love it!

What apps do you love?  I'd love to hear!

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