Saturday, January 30, 2010

The "Snow" Storm of the Century

Ok. So the weather people have some kind of conspiracy with the grocery business. They were calling for this huge storm, possibly lots of power outages, and probably 2 good days snowed in the house. I was actually looking forward to having a few days of just being home with the kids and the hubby. We went out to Ace Hardware yesterday and bought the kids a big plastic sled just in case "the event" occurred. When we brought the sled in my 4-year-old being the true southerner says, "Why did you buy a boat??" He is too funny sometimes.

Living in the south, we have learned that it is hit or miss and most the time miss in our case, so I really try not to get my hopes up about these things. So without further ado I present you pics of our "snow" we woke up to this morning. Impressive right? (note the sarcasm)

While the ice looks really cool in these pics it is not even excessive like they were calling for. (Not that I'm really complaining about less ice by any means.) Our biggest thing now is that it is supposed to get really cold tonight, so it could refreeze whatever melts between now and then. This isn't even fun bad weather. :-P

Looks like the boys will have to continue to pretend to sled in the house. Here's hoping for one good snow this winter!!

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