Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Kid Art T-Shirts

I hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July!  We took the kids to see Brave and had dinner with some family, but otherwise the day was pretty calm and out of the ordinary which was much needed around here.  This morning the kids got out their art supplies and decided to draw, so we decided to make t-shirts to show off their happy work. 

Little sister cannot be left out as you can tell.

All you will need for this project is
  • Art supplies (paper, pencils, markers, paint, crayons, etc.) as you desire
  • T-shirts
  • Iron on heat transfer paper
A note on heat transfer paper - It can be purchased in regular or for dark colors.  We used the one for dark colors because our shirts were blue.  If you have a white shirt you can get the regular and it is usually a little cheaper.  It just depends on what you want.

To begin with you need a great piece of your kid's art work.  You will just have to scan into your computer or copy the art work on your printer depending on the options your printer gives you.  Read the instructions on the heat transfer paper to make sure you face it properly for printing, and print the art work onto that transfer paper.  Then you will just have to peel off the backing and iron it onto your child's shirt.  Super easy and very rewarding for your kiddos.  Mine love seeing their art work displayed, and my oldest is a planner.  He already has in mind something to design for the back of his shirt. 


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