Thursday, May 31, 2012

Completed diorama!

Would you like to see Gaines Mill battleground in miniature?  The diorama is finally complete and not a moment too soon.  It is due on Monday.  The boys have both been so excited about this project!  I have never seen a kid beg to do homework before!

The blue are the Union troops.  The gray the Confederate Army.  I love those tall grasses, and I think my hubby did a great job on that wagon!  How creative is that?  It is made of coffee stirrers (is that a real word?), clay, tooth picks, and buttons!  He also came up with the fence.  The cannons were my idea.

In the heat of battle crossing Boatswain Creek.

This is about where my great-great grandfather would have been during the battle.  He was a rifleman, promoted to Sargent.  He fought alongside two of his brothers, one of whom died at Gaines Mill.

Now he just has to finish his little mini report. :)  I think it deserves an A+ what about you?

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