Monday, February 1, 2010

How exhausting!

Today was spent grocery shopping. I really hate grocery shopping. I had my coupons clipped and throughout the course of the day made a trip to 3 different stores. Thankfully my freezer is officially stocked now. My 4-year-old was a trooper to hang in there through all that and my oldest son was actually glad to be going to school when he found out we were hitting multiple stores LOL. On the bright side though while I was out I did score some awesome fabric for a little project I'm working on. The picture is kind of dark, but hopefully you get the idea.

Since today was technically my day "off" I usually set it aside for crafting, but my time was quite limited today. I tried to get it out and work on a little monogramming, but apparently Bessie and I need to work on our communication, because we were not seeing eye-to-eye tonight. Here she is hard at work. I think I'll be heading back to Hobby Lobby or Wal-Mart tomorrow in search of a better stabilizer as I was not really that pleased with the final outcome. (This is all trial and error for me, but I will conquer this!)

If anyone has any pointers on machine embroidery I would love to hear them. This seems to be a great machine, but I just haven't quite gotten the hang of the embroidery yet.

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